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Seniors Home Care Advice: Benefits of Living in an Apartment or Condo

August 3, 2017 by Elizabeth Bartlett

Seniors home care aides explain the benefits of living in an apartment or condoMany older adults have made the smart decision to move from their large house and downsize into an apartment. If you have a loved one who is considering apartment or condominium living, providers of seniors home care in Bridgewater, NJ, can educate them on the various benefits of doing so. Some of the benefits are:

Minimum Maintenance

Seniors who live in an apartment do not need to worry about the hassle and high cost that come with maintaining the upkeep of larger households. Seniors home care professionals explain that when older adults relocate into an apartment, the landlord is responsible for all of the expenses and work associated with maintaining their unit.

Exciting Amenities

Many apartment complexes offer a variety of exciting amenities like fitness centers, pools, convenience stores, and laundry facilities on their premises. These amenities are ideal for older adults who do not like to travel far to exercise, go for a swim, pick up some batteries, etc.


While homeowners may invest in a home security system, security systems are required by apartment complexes. Seniors home care aides note that a secure building and being close to neighbors is great for older adults who are concerned about safety.

Adequate Living Space

The majority of older adults do not need a significant amount of living space because their adult children typically no longer live with them. For this reason, apartments or condos offer them a perfect amount of room and ensure that they are not cleaning areas that they do not use.

Socialization Opportunities

Seniors who live in an apartment are more likely to socialize because of how close their neighbors reside in relation to their unit. Some apartment and condominium complexes also host holiday gatherings, pool parties, and other social events for their residents.

Apartment or condominium living is a convenient, cost-effective option for many senior citizens. The condensed living space is functional for seniors and helps eliminate the hassle and amount of expenses associated with home maintenance, all the while providing older adults with a safe place to call home, a number of amenities, and countless opportunities to socialize.

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