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Home Care Agency Advice: Prepare for Flu Season with the Flu Vaccine

October 5, 2017 by Elizabeth Bartlett

Home care agency providers recommend seniors get the flu shotIt’s a fallacy that the flu vaccine will give you the flu. It’s correct that the vaccine does carry a strain of the germ in it to fight off the disease; scientifically, that is how vaccines work. Home care agency professionals in Bridgewater, NJ, explain that anyone who gets influenza after receiving the vaccine was likely previously exposed to someone who was ill. This can happen anywhere, as germs are airborne.

Home care agency providers explain that the flu shot will protect mom or dad from the illness specifically if they receive it when they are feeling their healthiest, which means your parent is not ill, doesn’t have a cough, doesn’t have a fever, and shows no signs of being sick.

The best time of the year for the aging population – 65 and older – to receive the vaccine is at the end of the summer before the weather changes, and the climate affects the body. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that your parent is administered the higher dosage flu shot. This is based on years of research indicating that as the body ages, the immune system weakens. The stronger dosage will protect your mother or father at a higher rate, keeping them healthier.

Check with your mother or father’s medical team to determine if your parent needs the pneumonia vaccine in addition to the flu shot. If your parent has experienced pneumonia in the past or has lung or chronic breathing issues, the vaccine may be necessary to keep your mom or dad well through the winter.

Local home care agency professionals recommend that seniors prepare for the winter by establishing good eating habits to fuel their body in a healthy and palatable manner.  Also, arrange for activities that will keep them active even when they cannot get out to socialize.

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