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Elder Care Providers Share Stroke Prevention Tips for Seniors

August 10, 2017 by Elizabeth Bartlett

When blood flow to an area of the brain is cut off, a brain attack or stroke occurs. Since strokes are common among the older population, elder care professionals make every effort to share with their senior clients how to reduce the chances of having one. Here are some tips they often share:

Reduce Blood Pressure

Comfort Keepers of Bridgewater, NJ Elder Care Stroke Prevention

Older adults with high blood pressure are more likely to suffer from a stroke than those with healthy blood pressure levels. In order to lower their blood pressure, elder care professionals suggest that seniors consume less sodium, avoid overindulging on burgers, cheese and other high cholesterol foods, exercise regularly, and quit smoking.


Lose Weight

Even seniors who are only 10 pounds overweight are at an increased risk of experiencing a stroke. Therefore, older adults should make it a priority to keep their body mass index (BMI) at 25 or less. They can do so by limiting their calorie intake and increasing the amount exercise they engage in on a daily basis.

Drink in Moderation

Seniors should limit their alcohol intake because once they start drinking over two drinks per day, their chances of a stroke significantly increases. Elder care professionals recommend that older adults drink alcohol on an occasional basis and opt for water, green tea, and other healthy beverages during other times.


Control Diabetes

Due to the fact that high blood sugar can damage blood vessels over a period of time, seniors with diabetes may experience a stroke if they fail to control their condition. To control their blood sugar levels, they should monitor them asrecommended by their doctor and use diet, exercise, and medicines to keep their blood sugar at healthy levels.

A stroke is a serious life-threatening condition that seniors in Bridgewater, NJ can prevent by reducing their blood pressure, losing weight, drinking in moderation, and controlling their diabetes.

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