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Elder Care Services Tips: Habits That Can Hurt a Senior’s Skin

August 17, 2017 by Elizabeth Bartlett

Senior smoking cigarette - a habit that can hurt a senior's skin, say elder care services providersAll older adults want beautiful skin that makes them feel confident when they look in the mirror, attend a social function, shop for groceries, or do anything else. The good news is quality skin care products and a healthy routine can help them achieve the great skin and confidence they desire. Aides who specialize in elder care services in Bridgewater, NJ, recommend that seniors who are serious about improving the condition of their skin refrain from the following habits:

Forgetting to Reapply Sunscreen
Many seniors understand the importance of applying sunscreen each and every morning. However, many fail to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. Elder care services professionals explain that by reapplying sunscreen, seniors can make sure they avoid burns, sun spots, wrinkles, and the other skin impairments that UV rays often bring.

Not Cleaning Makeup Brushes
Older women who wear makeup on a regular basis must remember to clean their makeup brushes at least every few weeks. By doing so, they can remove the bacteria and dead skin cells that can build up on them and damage their skin.

In addition to causing serious medical conditions such as lung cancer or heart disease, smoking can make a senior’s skin age more than they’d like because it reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to their cells. Elder care services professionals can assist a senior who smokes in finding resources to help them ditch this bad habit once and for all.

Skipping the Moisturizer
Older adults should be aware that moisturizing their skin is just as important as cleansing it. Moisturizing regularly can help them avoid dry, flaky, and irritated skin and enjoy a more hydrated complexion. Moisturizers that are designed for sensitive or aging skin are ideal for seniors.

Not Visiting the Dermatologist
A dermatologist is a skin doctor who can help seniors whenever they have a skin issue that they need help treating. Dermatologists can also check for skin cancer and perform cosmetic procedures like facials and microdermabrasion.

Seniors who remember to reapply sunscreen, quit smoking, visit the dermatologist when necessary, apply moisturizer regularly, and clean their makeup brushes are more likely to reap the benefits of healthy, attractive skin than those who do not.

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